"Everyday Miracles"- My Experience with Bowenwork

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I have been practicing Bowenwork for more than 15 years. The work continues to surprise and amaze me with its effects daily. From the very beginning I have been so grateful for what we call its “everyday miracles”. These miracles are the continual manifestations of the power of Bowenwork.

  Carpal Tunnel or wrist and hand pain problems are issues we hear a lot about. . Friends, family or colleagues tell us about their wrist pain. We see the effects quite frequently these days in the form of wrist and forearm splints. We may hear that they have been told that can be done to help the condition short of surgery, which may not have a positive outcome either. It would seem our friends and family with these problems is going to have to suffer. That shouldn’t have to be the case.

Welcome to the new blog for

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We will be posting here weekly.

The topics will be related to Bowenwork, its application, the curriculum, and the latest news and developments.

Let us know what you want us to cover. We are here to support your understanding and utilization of Bowenwork.

We want to connect the communities of students, practitioners and the general public.

Please check back regularly to find new gems from our instructors and others 

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